> Updates > What if you (or a loved one) develop symptoms?NeuroPhysiological, also known as functional medicine, doctor immediately if you develop symptoms and suspect you may have been exposed to the virus. Experts are currently working on a vaccine, but as of yet, there is no known treatment for coronaviruses. Most people recover on their own. To treat symptoms, drink lots of water, rest, and take pain or fever reducers if necessary.At ourClinics, our Functional Medicine physicians treat complex conditions and make recommendations for pro-active therapies to enhance the immune system. If you are having physical or psychiatric symptoms that aren’t improving with traditional treatment, it’s important to get a comprehensive evaluation that includes QEEG brain imaging and sophisticated lab testing to identify any underlying infections. Speak to a specialist today at  9823832444 If all our specialists are busy helping others, you can also schedule a time to talk.