> Updates > Brain Core Mapping is the product of the Internal journey of our Doctors and Scientists is the analysis of the behaviour & Brain Waves pattern of human being based on Neurophysiology after extensive research found that Brain Waves configuration at Past & Today builds the foundation of the behaviour pattern which is nurtured by the environment.Brain Mapping QEEG Test instigates us to behave improperly regarding specific aspects of life which are influenced by the ERP. This triggers a chain of reactions resulting to problems and failures or much less success in comparison to the effort.Human being has the highest developed brain among all the creatures. It has conquered the heights of Himalaya and the depths of Mariana Trench. It has reached upto Mars and recent satellite photographs of Moon has given indications of presence of suspected colony of Aliens.Our scientific knowledge has progressed leaps and bound in our external journey. However, our internal journey initiated long back when Spiritual Researchers ( Rishis) calculated the distance of Sun, Moon etc from Earth by Meditation and considering their body as the Neuro-Mind system.